International projects

We are doing a good job sending and receiving youngsters all over Europe and sometimes even further. We are setting up group exchanges, training for youth workers and sending/hosting projects for ESC volunteers.

Group Exchanges

LEJO has organized numerous group exchanges and trips with youngsters all over Europe: Croatia, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, … even to Morrocco and Lebanon.

We are an active partner in the Erasmus+ programme, and interested in setting up projects on experiential and informal learning, outdoor education or topics like well-being, youth at risk, teenage parents etc.

Get in touch with Marieke or Gust if you are interested in a group exchange.


We are experienced trainers, very enthousiastic about experiential learning and all things related. We have extensive training programmes for youth workers in Belgium, and after that, we send them abroad 🙂

We are working together with various international partners like Kamaleonte (ITALY), the Via Experientia community and the Experiential Education Europe network.

Our goal is to learn from and to inspire international partners in using experiential learning to empower youngsters.


We are both a sending and a host organisation in the ESC programme, sending and receiving young volunteers. An ESC project is a unique opportunity for young people to stretch their perspective on themselves and their world.

Read more on ESC projects on the programme website